Friday, January 15, 2010

Praying for family in Haiti

My sister in law and her husband live in Port-au-Prince, Haiti with their two children. My thoughts have been with them constantly since the earthquake on Tuesday, which left most of the city in shambles. Their house is standing, as is the school where my brother-in-law is headmaster and my sister-in-law is a teacher.
I can't help but sit at the computer and search for article after article, picture after picture, trying to understand the trauma they've experienced--and that they're going through in the aftermath. The children are foremost in my mind. It must be such a terrifying experience, and confusing for ones so young.
That said, I think of them and their situation, and I realize that while they've been severely traumatized and terrified, they're with their parents every night, and their home is intact. There are children all around them sleeping in the streets. There are children trapped in the rubble. There are children who have lost their parents, or parents who have lost their children. It's all so very overwhelming, even from this distance, and I'm dreadfully thankful that my nephew and my niece are alive and well and being cared for by their parents, and not by strangers or relief workers.

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