Friday, October 14, 2005

Dew Drops at Morning Prayers

14 October 2005

At the land on Chrisman Mill Road

Clouds hung like heather upon
Golden misty-morning breezes

The Faithful gathered amidst the
Trees and vineyards of Kentucky

We stood among the Dead
Sang with them
Praises of Eternity

And through Eternity
Light met its mark

A dew drop upon the iron fence
Shot through with a ray which
Travelled the distance
From the sun to that finite point

So much depends

The black iron

Glazed with early morning

Beside the white stone

That gate keeps vigil
Stands to proclaim to all

The Faithful are becoming

Collects the early morning dew
Whence light has bent upon my eye

Reminds me of Eternity

This moment is the blink of an eye
The twinkle of a ray
Within a dew drop

Which no longer exists

*Reference made to William Carlos Williams' "The Red Wheel Barrow."

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