Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I Thought I Killed the Sage

April 19, 2005

I never found a home for her
last summer.

She lived in temporary quarters:
A cheap, black, twelve inch pot,
sitting inside faux terra cotta.

I had not intended
to put her in the ground,
though I made plans
to bring her inside..
In the midst of madness,
somehow I forgot,
though I passed her everyday
on my way into the house.

Then winter came;
some said it was mild,
but the damp chill ate through
to my bones
(I really must get a transfusion),
and she sat outside
in a black, twelve inch pot
looking quite dead.

More than once,
I decided to end her suffering

Spring came slowly,
almost begrudgingly.

One day when
warmth had crept
enough into the world
for me to stand outside
without a shiver,
I noticed her,
and with an air of
and maybe a hint of regret,
I resolved to give her
a proper burial
in the dumpster, although
I never found the time,
that day or the next.

A week later,
I returned
to pay last respects
and finally put to rest
a dead and broken
lifeless plant
which no one ever
would have recognized
as Russian Sage..

Except for tiny,
fragrant leaves
sprouting from the union
of her branches.

To think
I might have thrown her out
in the middle of winter.

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