Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I Think I’ll Take a Walk~ II

April 10, 2005

The mud daubers are back-
or are they hornets?

I really don’t know.
They look like daubers,
but the truth would be
quite a painful discovery,
if I am mistaken.

I love the flowers and green
which creep about in spring,
although sadly, I slowly killed
the jasmine tree which bloomed for me
so faithfully last summer.

Regardless, what does bloom this year
will surely attract the dauber-hornets,
to my dismay.

For I can know full well
that they fear me
far more than I fear them;

but fear’s a funny thing.
It makes one act defensively,
and knowing this fact
simply escalates my fear.

So in the end,
who’s to say
whose fear is greater,
mine or the dauber-hornets?

they're sure to be about,
and yet,

I think I’ll take a walk.

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