Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I Think I’ll Take a Walk~ III

Cold and Rainy Day
April 13, 2005

For Ada.

It’s cold and rainy out.
Not quite winter-cold;
that chill finally lost its hold.
The weather is mild enough for sandals,
yet plenty cool for fleece.

My southwestern blood
bids me stay inside and drink hot tea,
and that I shall, in good time.

But inside where it’s warm,
there is no sound
of raindrops playing in the grass;
no sight of them glistening
on leaves of purple and green
and flowers of pink;
on chicks ‘n’ hens just opening
and setting free their offspring
to fall upon the ground, take root,
and grow into a new generation
of a stubborn, hardy succulent.

Nor could I see nor hear
nor contemplate,
from inside where it’s warm,
wind in willows,
softly speaking mysteries to me
of secret paths on which cold
and rainy, breezy days may lead
to bring great insight
to the Wise.

Rain, I hear;
Breeze, I sense.;
Great expanse,
overcast and heavy now, I see
the lessons you impart to me.

I know it’s wet and cold,
and yet,

I think I’ll take a walk.

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