Thursday, April 07, 2005

Every Waking Moment II (sonnet)

April 7, 2005

The first "Every Waking Moment" is not published in this blog.

And every waking moment I forget
the thoughts which come at night to haunt my dreams.
No struggle do I give to hold them, yet
a part of me dissolves with every scream
escaping from my lips ‘ere I awake.
I always quell to find myself alone,
and long for comfort as I weep and shake;
yea, all that is within me turns to stone.

Remembering that one there is whose love
is not negated by the rising moon
does often warm my chill, as hand in glove,
though still I hope the dawn will kindle soon,

and every waking moment I’ll forget
these thoughts that plague my mind once sun has set.

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George MacDonald

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