Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And another...

I started all over today. New canvas, new idea. It still took all afternoon to finally get the idea by the tail, and it's not finished by a long shot. But it's a very nice start.


John Nicholas said...

Hi Maria,

Christ is Risen!

Fascinating video. I am full of admiration for the creative one. Did you have a composition drawing laid out first or do you essentially draw with the brush and work out the composition and drawing "on the fly"?
It couldn"t see clearly in the video.

Ta, JohnNicholas

Maria said...

Thanks, John. It depends on the painting. Some of them are done on the fly (like Untitled Nude). Some I draw beforehand. The one in the video was drawn beforehand. This one (with the woman's face in the bottom right hand corner) was on the fly.

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