Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Coolest Thing I've Done in a While

I painted my Beloved's Jeep yesterday and today. There were a few times when I thought I was going to be in the doghouse- not because I did it without his knowledge or consent. He asked me to do it. But a Jeep Wrangler is an expensive canvas, and I've never painted on a slick surface with model paints. But it turned out FABULOUS (in my humble opinion).


pctony said...

I have to save Maria this looks awesome. I bet Rich is really loving it. Is he still cycling to work, or have you just handed him his keys back with a good excuse to go and show off his new paintwork?

Maria said...

hi, tony- i'm sure he'll go back to cycling, but today he's enjoying driving it. it did turn out really well. i'm quite happy with it. glad to hear it isn't just Creator's Bias.

DrBacchus said...

You did *WHAT* to my Jeep?!?!

Just kidding. I love it. ;-)

pctony said...

No, it certainly isn't bias. Back to cycling? I think not. Well not anytime soon. It's summer and he has a new paint job to show off. Either way, a job well done. :-)

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