Monday, March 21, 2005

Holy of Holies

March 21, 2005

We welcomed a little one,
into the family of the Faithful..

Awestruck, Father took the baby boy
and walked about the Nave;
into the Sanctuary
for the first time.

Something holy there was in this.
Something good and right..

This child, so fresh from God,
belongs in the Holy of Holies;
a sort of birthright, redeemed..
Creation recapitulated,
captured in this
simple, sacred symbol,
returning this Christ exemplar
to his proper place, cooing
softly in blue satin.


We welcomed a little one
into the family of the faithful..

Reverently, Father took the baby girl
and walked about the Nave,
humbly, gently, reverently
mindful of her holy charge;
unworthy hands now
carrying her infant innocence;
the trust entailed within
her femininity..

He did not enter the Holy of Holies.

For in his arms,
in our midst,
the Holy of Holies was sleeping
softly in pink satin.

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