Friday, March 25, 2005

Fear Not

March 25, 2005

I sit corrected. Apparently, Gabriel is not a seraph. Thus the edit. My apologies, Gabriel. I did have fun imagining you as such. And I will not allow the chubby, naked, winged babies to take up residence in my mind under the glorious name of "angel."

Have you ever seen an angel dance?

Come to think of it..
have you ever seen an angel?

Not the chubby, naked, winged babies
adorning postcards and calendars..

the beings of such frightful glory
that Balaam's donkey
was moved to speech
at the mere sight of one of them.

I, for one, know that I have not.
(Six-winged, many-eyed,
ever-burning, unconsumed..
I beg your pardon: That's a seraph..

And yet, I am certain I would remember
the aquaintance of one
who dwells in the presence
of the seraphim
and of the Most Holy One..)

However, it occurs to me
that I think I know someone
who has seen an angel dance..

Can you imagine?
Thirteen, fourteen,
give or take..
minding her own,
spinning holy thread,

And suddenly,
this winged messenger
tumbles- mind you, tumbles
into her presence..

For how else would you imagine
he came to her,
but dancing with delight?
For of all the messages he had borne
to the children of God,
none could compare
with the tidings he bore
from the Light of Heaven
unto her..

I see him,
all undimmed glory,
all excitement unbound,
forgetting for a moment
that this girl
upon whom he has gazed
from his dwelling
in eternity
has never lain
her two soft eyes
upon his.

Yet as she turns
to flee his presence,
so returns his wisdom
and compassion..

"Fear not.."

Fear not.
For from her womb
would spring the One
in whose image she herself
and all mankind who came before
and followed after,
were created.

Fear not.
For He has longed
throughout the ages
for this moment

here with her..

To unfold the mystery
of incarnation,
of redemption,

of who He is,
of who we are..


And she said yes.


And I see him,
dancing away from her,
back into the presence
of the seraphim
and the Most Holy One,
weeping for joy,
weeping in awe,
and singing..

"Fear not.."

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