Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chastened Inspiration

I'm not one for prevailing methods of primping--
daily hair-styling, make up, and hot oil treatments
have always seemed, to me, a waste of time and effort.
I have my own sense of winsomeness, my own
habits and ways of enhancing my outward strengths
that don't include padding the pockets of Paul Mitchell,
Ulta, Mac, and Chi.

But now and again, I get inspired to experiment
with tools and treatments unfamiliar to me,
by nobody's fault but my own:

You'd think coconut oil is coconut oil,
but you'd be wrong. I learned the hard way
as I meticulously massaged coconut oil
scented vaseline into my scalp, enthusiastically ensured
the petroleum jelly reached every hair follicle from the source
outward, down the shaft length of every hair,
to the very split ends I was resolved to address.

Ten washes later (six with dish soap),
I'm finally feeling a little less like a duck in an oil slick.
My hair is more than a little worse for wear,
my inspiration for beauty treatments chastened.

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