Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Birth: Making the Choice

Last week, I talked with my husband for what I thought was the first time about the possibility of a home birth. Much to my surprise, he was very, very open to the idea. In retrospect, I'm not sure why I thought he wouldn't be. Regardless, I can clearly see that he is 100% behind me, and we're both looking forward to taking the reins in this experience and making it what we want it to be.

As we have begun to move through this process, the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps there are folks who could benefit from watching our decisions unfold. Also, I'm a bit of a verbal processor, so writing these things out is helpful to me as well. I hope others will find something in these posts leading up to our home birth that will help make these same sorts of decisions in their own lives feel a little less chaotic.


mkat83 said...

Thanks very much for writing about this. I also live in Louisville, and I am very interested in home birth. I'm not even pregnant, but its something I want to think about in advance. My husband is very skeptical, so the more I can learn, the better. Looking forward to reading about all your experiences.

mkat83 said...

Opps, you are in Lex, not Lou, but I look forward to following, nonetheless.

Maria said...

Howdy mkat. As it happens, you commented the day I went into labor. I was due on July 10. My daughter decided to come one week too early for a home birth. :-(

However, because we had planned to give birth at home, we were prepared for natural childbirth, and having spent half the pregnancy worried about preterm labor, I was very ready to advocate for myself. This ended up being a very good thing, since my midwife and her assistant were both out of town. I'll write a blog post about it sometime this week.

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