Friday, August 28, 2009

Apple & Brand Loyalty

I am not a tech-savvy individual. I'm very good with programs like iCal, Pages, Mail, Numbers, Keynote, etc, but I have to call Apple when my computer starts doing glitchy things like shutting down iCal for no apparent reason, or when the notifications don't work anymore, again, for no apparent reason. I simply do not have the know-how to figure these things out on my own, or the interest to find the solutions myself online.

I am, however, deeply, irrevocably in love with my MacBook, and with all its peripheral products that make my life easier *everyday*. Most of all, I have realized today, I am completely head-over-heals in love with Apple's customer service. They're truly amazing, and they make me realize that it doesn't so much matter (primarily) what a company does--it matters first and foremost how they market their product, and how they treat their customers when problems arise. And when it comes to my Mac, Apple makes me want it. What's more, they make me enjoy it, even when there are problems, and they make me look forward to the day when I can step up to that sexy, 13" aluminum bodied MacBook (those of you who know my husband can hear his influence in that statement...). I've never been one to develop brand loyalties, but Apple has me firmly by the heart, and I'm quite happy in my predicament.

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