Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bone Conduction Hearing

My husband is completely deaf in his left ear. Strange and insensitive as this may seem, sometimes I forget this fact. Of course, he can't forget. This is a reality he lives with every minute of every day of his life.

He has an implant from 20 years ago which allowed him to wear a bone-conduction hearing aid, but the technology is so out of date, that implant is now obsolete. But he went to a specialist this week who tested his hearing and took a look at his ear. There's new technology available, and while it requires another surgery, the invasion factor is minimal, and within 4 or 5 months, he could be hearing normally with the help of a BAHA bone conduction device. I'm very excited for him, and I'm amazed by the ways technology is able to help people overcome irreversible handicaps like my husband's.

Read more about my husband's experience and the BAHA device here.

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