Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beauty of Ashes

My Beloved has updated my other website where I display my artwork. I'm moving toward preparing my paintings to be displayed... somewhere. I've gotten some good ideas- a coffee shop in a nearby town, possibly some galleries downtown. Have been pondering selling some of my original paintings- I will eventually, if I can gauge the interest of my audience. If I have an audience.

It's a little frightening to get into sharing one's work with strangers. One hopes that one's self-image and self-definitions are not entirely dependent upon the affirmation of total strangers. But I do find that I want to know my artwork connects with people, and I also begin to understand that, at least for me, this is one of the measures of artistic achievement: Does my work connect on some level with the experiences and emotions of others? Does it communicate, even if what it communicates is abstract and intangible- perhaps profoundly so?

I'm beginning to see that I'm moving out of a particular phase of imagery and into a new one. I have, of late, been more interested in form than in pure imagery, in portraying the body rather than symbols that represent inner realities. Interested to see what comes out next.

I'll have to be patient- I'm running out of supplies. I have recently learned, though, from perusing the website of another artist that I can use acrylic paint on corrugated cardboard... ! Who knew?

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