Thursday, January 03, 2008


My husband and I have discovered a fabulous new fire-resistant substance, and it's stacked 4X4X16 against the back wall of the garage. We got this wood for a comparative steal from a local vendor, and provided you can get it to catch, it burns for a good long time. Getting it lit is the trick. My WORD.

Luckily, while we have discovered the least flammable wood ever to grace the planet, we have also discovered a very handy source of kindling: leftover building supplies. Nothing goes up in smoke like a treated 2x2. Is that not a little frightening?


John Nicholas said...

Burning pressure-treated wood indoors in a fire place? Hmmm. Wonder what chemical compounds are released when it is burned?

Maria said...

To clarify- we had a single 2x2 that was about 12 feet long and had been sitting out in the garage since who knows when, and we used a portion of it as kindling. The wood in the picture is the wood that I couldn't get burning without a good deal of work and splitting all the logs into very small pieces, even with the help of the 2x2.

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