Friday, December 21, 2007


18 December 2006, 8:20 PM

There's something about
the color I can't quite put my finger on,
except I found it in a box of crayons,
the tone that only brightens,
deepens, beautifies when pressed
to its limit. They named it
long before I had any inkling
of Crayola, though I might have chosen
the hue before their nomenclature
found its way into my world.


a shade-my-own of not-quite-blue,
for its hue entails a hint of jade-
the color of my eyes- making the heavens
a little more complex than they were before:
The color of wide, West Texas skies on days
when horizons are the only limits.


paisley said...

what a lovely little preponderance... cerulean... in deed....

sister AE said...

This makes my brown eyes seem boring!

sister AE
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