Sunday, May 15, 2005

I Think I'll Take a Walk~ V

Valleys In Between
May 15, 2005

I sat here watching
skies turn dark,
feeling gusts of wind
careening about my door.

the air is cool and fresh,
birds are trilling in the tree
which stubbornly held its green
until the final moment last fall,
bursting into flames
even as the others
gave up life,
admitted defeat.

I remember well
the wind and rain
which drove me
to forsake my porch,
and the fantasy which withered
when I first realized
the mess within my home
holds as many images
of life and reality
as my lonely little garden plot.

Now I can’t imagine
that a moment may return
when I prefer indulgence of fear
to the God who reveals Himself to me
within creation about my door.

The sun shines bright,
despite the storm of yesterday,
reflecting hard against the page
into my young and weary eyes.
this pain bears no disguise,
yet neither does the heart of one
who heeds the counsel of the wise.

Once I heard a sage proclaim
that mountain tops
form valleys in between;
that heights would have no joy
unless my heart had seen,
could still perceive
the valleys of my need...

Cool, the breeze upon my face;
great mountains in the distance
far across the emerald valley plain...
Life there is within this pain...

I think I’ll take a walk.

So ends the series, as far as I know.

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